Remote surveillance system Eleron-10SV

System purpose

The system is designed for round-the-clock aerial electrooptic surveillance and fulfils the following functions:

  • visual search of survey targets in real time by the operator;
  • detection and identification of survey targets;
  • precise positioning and display of survey target coordinates by a ground control panel using GLONASS or GLONASS/GPS;
  • aerial photography of the terrain.

Recommended use

The system is designed for round-the-clock aerial electrooptic surveillance and fulfils the following functions:

  • monitoring of the ground situation, aerial guarding of territories and sites
  • border patrol, coast guard and control of territorial waters
  • search and rescue operations
  • condition control of motor and railway trunk roads
  • condition control of oil and gas pipelines and power transmission lines
  • ecological monitoring of territories, water areas and air basin
  • mapping and aerial photography
  • fish reconnaissance and monitoring of fishing
  • aerial reconnaissance and electronic warfare support
  • monitoring of GSM communication networks with determination of required parameters, coordination of mobile means of communication and positioning on an electronic map
  • ice situation monitoring
  • ground situation monitoring in the event of forest fires
  • monitoring of settlements isolated by the flood
  • utilities condition monitoring during ice drift.

Technical specifications of system

Operating height range relative to start point, m 4,000
Maximum surveillance range in on-line mode, km minimum 50
Maximum surveillance range in off-line mode (recorded on a memory card), km minimum 60
Operating temperature range, °С −20 to +40
Limit temperature range, °С −40 to +50
Time of deployment (retraction) of the system, min maximum 20
Combat crew, units 2
Service life, years 5
Warranty operation period of the system, years 1
Warranty operation period of batteries, months 2


The system passed a series of official tests and can be supplied with “Acceptance 5” quality standard certification.
The system is supplied fully ready for operation after mandatory flight tests.

Unmanned aerial vehicle Т10 – 2 items1

Technical specifications

Maximum flight altitude, m 4,000
Operating temperature range, °С –20 to +40
Maximum flight duration powered by a standard battery, hours 2.50
Aerial speed range in horizontal flight, km/h 75…135
Dimensions, mm 2,206×883×384
Weight, kg 15.5
Rate of climb, m/s 2
Guaranteed life, flights 100
Warranty operation period, years 1
The system is packed in five containers with maximum weight, kg 30


1Purchase of two UAVs is recommended for continuous surveillance – the second aircraft is launched immediately after landing of the first one. The UAV can be supplied with additional replaceable accumulator batteries.

Flight modes:

  • manual;
  • automatic with fulfilment of programmed functions;
  • automatic return along the previously programmed path;
  • sighting of the survey target;
  • circling around the set point;
  • wind speed measurement;
  • pitch-down.

The power unit is driven by an electric motor with a pusher screw.

Take-off is performed from technically unprepared sites using a low-pressure pneumatic catapult.

Landing is performed using an onboard parachute.

UAV T10 fulfils the following functions:

  • optional transmission of video or thermal image of the survey target, current coordinates, flight height relative to the start point, flight speed, flight course angle, UAV’s distance from the start point, and other required operating information via radio channel to the ground control panel (GCP);
  • folding for transportation and unfolding for flight without tools;
  • replaceability and quick removal of the modular payload and dismountable components without adaptation;
  • acoustic invisibility.

The UAV is equipped with a flight data dynamic forecast system. Navigation is enabled by GPS\GLONASS and magnetic course system. UAV Т10 is equipped with radio controlled LED lights in wing panels and rear fuselage. Control channel is digital. Operating frequency range is 902-922 MHz. UAV structure provides for simultaneous installation of photo, video and thermal imaging onboard cameras and their alternate use by the operator during electrooptic surveillance.

Replaceable modular payload

Eleron-10SV system includes two unmanned aerial vehicles Т10 with installed payload modules.

Composition of UAV No. 1 modular payload:

  1. Gyro-stabilized payload mechanism with 3-axis control, equipped with a 36x optical magnification-enabled video camera.
  2. Digital photo camera with minimum 10 mpix resolution.

Composition of UAV No. 2 modular payload:

  1. Combined gyro-stabilized payload mechanism with 3-axis control, equipped with thermal and video camera. The thermal imaging camera is based on an uncooled microbolometer with resolution of 640×512 pixels.
  2. Digital photo camera with minimum 10 mpix resolution.

Additional payload:

  • drop containers (optional),
  • weather balloon (optional),
  • transmitter (optional),
  • gas analyzer (optional)
  • other payload at the customer’s request.

    Electronic catalog of onboard modules
  • Ground control panel

    GCP is based on a portable computer with moisture and dust protection, receiver-transmitter unit and antenna-feeder system.

    GCP fulfils the following functions:

    • UAV control in all flight modes;
    • positioning of onboard video and thermal imaging cameras;
    • displaying electronic map and video/thermal image of the survey or photoshoot target received from the UAV;
    • displaying the electronic map of the UAV flight route and its current coordinates (geographical and/or orthogonal in SK-42 system with an option of quick transfer from one system to another);
    • displaying the survey target coordinates (geographical or orthogonal with an option of quick transfer from one system to another);
    • displaying the UAV flight mode and engine operation mode;
    • displaying the UAV battery charge and estimated remaining time of flight;
    • displaying the UAV flight height and speed;
    • displaying the UAV distance from the start point;
    • recording of information received from the UAV (video stream and screenshots with gridding);
    • play back of the recorded video information at reduced or increased speed in the screenshot mode with the possibility to zoom in on screenshot parts;
    • displaying the current time (hours, minutes, seconds);
    • flight assignment preparation based on altitude map.

    GCP design provides for both wireless and wire connection of the portable computer with the receiver-transmitter unit and the antenna-feeder system.

    GCP design provides for transmission of the information to external devices via video outputs and ETHERNET.

    Control failure protection is enabled.

    GCP weight is maximum 12 kg.

    GCP is compatible with all systems of Eleron family.

    Eleron-10SV system can be transported with any vehicle, including minivan with trailer, UAZ Patriot, or cross-country KamAZ chassis allowing independent accommodation of UAV crew.

    Launching devices

    Eleron-10SV is supplied with a launching device (pneumatic catapult).

    Pneumatic catapult

    The launching unit is a pneumatic cylinder located inside a receiver and equipped with a pusher. The pneumatic power converts into forward movement of the pusher, giving an initial impulse to the UAV. The filling unit equipped with a high-pressure compressor is used for pressure generation in the receiver.

    Technical specification of the pneumatic launching device:

    • operating pressure of the receiver: 1.0 MPa;
    • dimensions in operating state: 3.2×0.87×0.94 m;
    • dimensions in transportation state: 1.7×0.20×0.36 m;
    • launching device weight: 32 kg;
    • compressor weight: 4 kg.


    The pneumatic catapult is stored and transported in a composite material container which is convenient to carry.

    Other Models

    The system is designed for round-the-clock aerial electrooptic surveillance.
    DSAS Е25
    DSAS system is designed for use as a target simulator of Е25 jet.
    TARGET Е95
    E95 is designed for troop training and deployment (trials) of air defence systems.