Dynamically similar aircraft simulator (DSAS) E25

DSAS system is designed for application as a target simulator for F16 and GR1 jets, as a part of the 9F635M training system employed during training of AA snipers for MANPAD Igla, as well as for simulation of their outline profiles, angular sizes, flight paths and speeds at 1:14-1:15 scale.

DSAS.9F635M system successfully passed a series of interdepartmental and governmental tests, has been certified with letter O1 and is in commercial production since 2008.

Technical specifications

aerial speed range in horizontal flight 70 to 110 km/h;
range of usable flight levels above the underlying terrain 30, 70, 100 and 200 m;
operating radius 1,200 m;
mean-root-square error vs. programmed track flight maximum 50 m;
flight duration in saving mode minimum 60 minutes;
time of launch preparation from travelling position maximum 15 minutes;
time of preparation for re-launch (excluding time required for search, recovery, delivery of DSAS to the launching position and parachute packing) maximum 10 minutes;
aircraft onboard battery charging time maximum 60 minutes


The system is a part of 9F635M training system and is intended for launch from technically unprepared sites in standard weather conditions, at wind speeds below 10 m/s, in the daytime, at a temperature from -30 to +40 degrees (Celsius) and relative humidity below 95%, at a temperature of plus 25 degrees (in absence of condensed deposits).

Other Models

The system is designed for round-the-clock aerial electrooptic surveillance.
The system is designed for round-the-clock aerial electrooptic surveillance.
E95 is designed for troop training and deployment (trials) of air defence systems.