E95 ground launch small-size aerial target system

System purpose

E95 is designed for troop training and deployment (trials) of air defence systems. E95M target is a simulator of evading targets such as remotely-piloted aerial vehicles, cruising controlled air bombs, aircraft shaped missiles and, in certain cases, airplanes and helicopters of tactical and army aviation.

System specifications

The system is completely self-contained and does not require any additional technical support equipment.

Assembly and disassembly of E95M target, opening and closing of hatches, installation in the catapult, connection of electric, pneumatic and fuel lines, and parachute packing are performed without a special tool using quick-release connections.

The target engine has no moving parts, does not require maintenance, and is resistant to dust, dirt and atmospheric precipitation.

The system combat crew consists of 6 specialists — command pilot, ground control station operator, aircraft and electronic equipment operator, BD and launching installation operator, and two driver mechanics.

High qualification of operators is not required, engineering training is only required from the command pilot of the combat crew and GCS operator.

Operation of the system requires availability of a 50-70 sq. m heated facility with 220 V power supply source for establishment of the technical position (preliminary preparation of targets, drying and packing of parachutes, minor repair of components).

Aerial target Е95М

Aerial target Е95М is a small-size aerial vehicle equipped with reflection augmenters (scattering cross section).

Technical specifications

Flight height range, m 200...3,000
Operating temperature range, °С -40 to + 40
Maximum flight time, min 32
Maximum horizontal flight speed, km/h 260
Dimensions, mm 2,900×2,350×250
Weight, kg 75
Number of cycles, times 10
Fuel Nefras, automotive and aviation gasoline
Power unit Pulse jet engine М135

Flight modes:

  • manual and automatic with an option of repeated transfer from one mode to another;
  • adjusting maneuvers, turnarounds;
  • pitch-down;
  • bank-to-bank reversal;
  • zoom.
At the Customer’s request, targets E95M can be equipped with devices for use of 9X44 tracers intended for visualization of flight, and L-218 thermal traps. Tracers and traps are not included in E95 system delivery package.

Take-off is performed from technically unprepared sites using a low-pressure pneumatic catapult.

Landing is performed using an onboard parachute.

Ground control post

The ground control station is mounted on automotive KAMAZ-4350, GAZ-3308, Ural-4320 cross-country chassis.

The control station is completely self-contained and provides for support and control of the target during flight at the distance of up to 70 km, pre-flight and pre-launch control of targets. Наземная станция управления смонтирована

Technical specifications:

Number of target control operators 1 person
Number of operators for preparation and launch of targets 3 persons
Power supply voltage 12 (24) V or 220 V
Compressed air reserve three 40 l cylinders for 150 kg/cm2 pressure
Time of preparation for use 20...30 minutes

Launching device

The launching unit is a mobile towed pneumatic catapult with an integrated target engine launch system. It is controlled remotely from the operator’s panel of the ground control station. The launching unit is a semi-trailer to a cross-country vehicle.

Technical specifications:

Energy carrier type Compressed air
Receiver operating pressure up to 65 kg/cm2
Launched target weight 20-170 kg
Maximum target launching speed up to 50 m/s
Launch overload of 75 kg target 50 units
Time of preparation for use 15-20 minutes
Service life 1,000 launches of target

Search and evacuation vehicle

The search and evacuation vehicle provides for search, selection and transportation of landed targets. It is mounted on automotive KAMAZ-4350, GAZ-3308, Ural-4320 cross-country chassis.

Number of transported targets:

  • up to 2 without container
  • up to 4 in container

Number of operators for selection of targets – 2 persons.

Other Models

The system is designed for round-the-clock aerial electrooptic surveillance.
The system is designed for round-the-clock aerial electrooptic surveillance.
DSAS system is designed for use as a target simulator of Е25 jet.